Can I save all 'Actions' created on one PC for use on another ?

I've copied / modified / created 7 actions that I use commonly on my laptop, and would like to port them to my desktop also. can I somehow export the actions and then import/load them on other PC ?

Actions are saved in *.mta files in the profile folder
freedb and Web Sources
Just copy the files to the profile folder of your desktop pc.

Thank you, as always. I will use the custo genres aswell... :slight_smile:
Profile folder

Location of the profile folder:

Windows NT:
C:\Winnt\Profiles{user name}\Application Data\Mp3tag
Windows 2000, XP:
C:\Documents and Settings{user name}\Application Data\Mp3tag
Windows Vista:
C:\Users{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag

The profile folder is normally a hidden folder.
You can either activate "Show hidden files and folders" in the windows explorer options or use the direct path %appdata%\Mp3tag
To use the direct path, you can either use the windows explorer and enter %appdata%\Mp3tag in the address bar or click Start > Run [Windows key+ R] and enter the path.

The profile folder contains the following data:
Export configurations *.mte

Actions *.mta

Web sources scripts *.src

custom genres, coloumn views and tools *.ini