Can I stop MP3tag from automatically reading the directory

Each time I run the Mp3tag, it automatically scans my directory, and I happen to have a thousand MP3 files there. I would like it to open and stay empty, and allow me to drag the several MP3 files into it manually, for my editing work. Right now, I quickly see it "reading directory" and I quickly hit "Cancel", and then select the 50+ files it has already brought in, and then click "Remove". So this is a little cumbersome. is there a setting that can turn off the auto-scan feature?

Yes, you can stop MP3tag to read those files.
See e.g. here:

Preferably, select a starting folder without supported file types in it.

This is not really necessary. If you d&d new files from the explorer, then these will replace the currently loaded files in the list. If you want to add files to the current list, then you have to press Ctrl whille dragging&dropping

Thank you very much Ohrenkino - what you tried to send to me after "See e.g. here: " did not come through. But I understand your solution to my issue -- can you tell me where do I find the "starting folder" so that I can set a new entry that contains no mp3 files? Many thanks, this helps me LOT! I do love this app. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

wherever that went ...


Excellent! Thank you very much, that has solved the issue for me. Because I had a new install, there was nothing specified, so I gave it my root drive which never has any audio files, and then I set the "Start from this Directory" checkbox. Now it works perfectly as I wanted! Thank you again for your help! :+1:

If you're using the root drive here, it can take some time until all directories are enumerated (if you have the subdirectories option enabled).

I'd really use a dedicated folder just for that, e.g.,

Ohhh - I see. Excellent then, I will create an empty folder under my profile and give it that.
Thank you very much!

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