Can Mp3Tag Be Made To See All Extended Tags?

Eventually can mp3tag be made to see everything that is listed in a tag, such as any extended tags?

Does it have to know what they are to see them, or can it just be made to look at the tags, and whatever is there is just simply sees it and lists it?


It can only list the tags that it knows.

Well it would be nice to include everything there is, new and deprectated.

Because I used Kid3 and I couldn't believe the amount of extended tags I found in files I had.

A lot of sites that you buy and download mp3s from have a lot of crap tags in them.


So maybe you shouldn’t. Instead of asking the same questions over and over again here and in other forums and expecting others to fix each and every problem with illegal download stuff for you. It has been tolerated for a long while but I reckon it starts getting on everyone’s nerves.

My apologies to other board members, but I felt this just had to be said.

It’s actually not that hard to write your own »inspection tool« for well-known tag formats like ID3. There’s enough well-documented source code out there. You could also use a professional MPEG Stream Editor, other tools like MP3AllFramesTagger, or simply an editor.

And there is Mp3tag, a great piece of software, that of course can also eradicate »unwanted« tags. RTFM.

Are you actually aware of how to view extended tags in Mp3tag?
Read Tags
It cannot show all ID3v2 frames but a lot o them are included.

Try Mp3RawTagViewer. It can display and delete every frame in a tag.