Can MP3Tag strip Unicode from file names and tags?

When ripping enough CDs, it is inevitable that I come across Metadata containing Unicode, which prevents the function of certain software, such as my favorite MP3 encoder.

I suggested adding the ability to replace Unicode with ASCII to the creators of Bulk Rename Utility, but I don't know that it went anywhere, despite the popularity of the idea.

Can MP3Tag do it? If not, could such a feature be added?

here is a thread for some actions to convert unicode to ascii:

Don't know, though, whether that still works.

I wonder why it is necessary to add the tags while ripping ... if the cd ripper is so old that there is no update to deal with unicode it may be worthwhile to switch to a ripper that does.

That is an excellent point. It should be on the ripper to keep Unicode out of the process. But I would welcome anyone else's solution, as well.

I'm using the latest build of EAC, which has been around since the late nineties, I believe. I've stuck with it because other rippers had the habit of introducing chirps and other corruption to my files.

Perhaps, then Foobar2000 is worth a try.

According to the official changelog, EAC should be able to write unicode tags:

Are you sure that your metadata source provide the correct unicode characters? Some sources like FreeDB don't really care about it. Or do you copy & paste the information manually?