Can you get extended information?

Hey guys, I have been using this app for quite awhile and it has always worked great for me.

What I am having issue with is extended tagging information such as, Label, producer..etc.

I know there are ways to add certain variables to this app. Is it possible to use this app to find and add such information to the tag?

I appreciate any help you can offer.

I am not quite sure what you want.
if you are looking for additional information then use the web source scripts. I think the pone mod for discogs is a fairly good choice as you can select a wide range of parameters.
Or are you looking for files that already have one of the fields filled?
Then a filter like
%publisher% PRESENT
shows you all the files that have the field PUBLISHER.
Or do you want to add a field to the tag panel so that you can enter the additional information there?
The have a look at Tools>Options>Tag Panel...

When I tag my files, I want to the app to find more information such as Label, producers, publishers..whatever is available in the tags extended information.

In the player I use it shows the extended information and much of it is empty.
I just want to have MP3tag find and fill in whatever information is available.

I hope that clears it up a bit.
Do you understand what I mean?

Is there a way to have Mp3Tag search for more of this extended information and add it to the tags?

I hope so: use the web sources - there is a menu for that where you can select from a fair number of offers. Also you may find further scripts in this forum under web sources.

You mean just use the web sources in the app? That only seems to bring in basic information from what I have seen. I need a way to search for the extended information and add that to the tags.
I will check the web sources scripts as I think that might be the ticket but I have to do more research.

I will keep searching, thanx for trying to help. If you have any further ideas or information please feel free to let me know. :slight_smile:

Have a look at this thread as it deals with "publisher":

I will have a look, I am figuring out what I need to, I think!
I am also dealing with Flac tags.