Can you setup a file naming script?

Is there a way to setup a file renaming script?

I've been doing Tag - Filename. but then i have to put in how i want it named (or select a previous one for each album)

But i'd like to:

Put Various Artists albums in a separate Folder [Various Artists]
Put Soundtracks in a separate folder: [Soundtracks]
Put Tributes in a Separate folder [Tributes]

and for all these I want the naming to be: [Type of folder]\Album Name\Track Number - Artist - Title

but for the others I want:
Genre\Artist\Artist - Track Number - Title.

Have it set to name them in the Tag - Filename. and orgnize them. but I manually have to check the various artists, Soundtracks, and tributes or Neither lines. I'd assume there's a way to auto check for all these and organize it without having to manually type in/choose as I have been.

Also I'd like to check if there is more than 1 Disc. so i'd guess if %totaldisc% > 1 then: add: Disc %discnumber% or something.

I'd also like to keep : in the tag. but replace them in the the filename with - Though i'm not sure how i'd go about doing that either.

I've looked all over for the scripting for the filename and haven't been able to find anything in the program, or in the forums.


Yes. The forum is full of examples.
The Mp3tag concept of "script" is named "action" resp. "group of actions".

Regarding your uncertainties ...
It is a question of how you organize your work.
You can use the interactive features, like converters, ...
or the programatically features, like actions.
The Filter feature can help within both modes, to put the focus onto the files to work with.

My condolences.


If you can program in Pascal, then "renamer" by will do everything you want. I have a similar requirement that I wrote a pascal script for which I would be happy to share with you.

You must be joking:

I think you may have misunderstood. I mentioned in found and have done the tag - filename. And I know it can use tag variables. But I haven't seen anywhere where I can run automatic checks to determine if it's a various artist, what type of album it is and organize and name it based on that. Without having to go in to tag - filename for each album and typing up (or selecting a previous line that's already been typed up.) I'm looking for a way to script it to automatically do all that for me. Based on the tags. To further clarify. I'm ok with doing it through the dialog. But I haven't seen any way to put if statements to determine different ways of setting up how files should be named/organized.

again, renamer via it's scripting option can do all that you want

I've never programmed in pascal, but I'm interested, and I pick up things relatively quickly. I looked at the website and that program looks promising.

You would have to tell us, how you determine what [type of folder] should be the result.
If you store these attributes in ALBUMARTIST, then the statement for renaming could look like this:
Action of the type Format value for _FILENAME
Format string:$if($strstr(%albumartist%,Various Artists|Soundtracks|Tributes),%albumartist%\%album%\%track% - %artist% - %title%,%Genre%\%Artist%\%Artist% - %Track% - %Title%)

Thank you. That hopefully. Should be enough to get me in the right direction. As i'll need it to be a bit more complex. But I think I can handle it. We'll see. Haha. I didn't know the tag - filename supported scripting which is pretty much what this post was for. So thank you once again.