cannot be opened for writing

I came across a very vexing issue. When I tried to change the metadata on a number of my files, I would get the error message "cannot be opened for writing". I see from a number of posts that others have been having the same issue, but I couldn't find a satisfactory solution in the forums.

This was particularly frustrating because other Metadata editors didn't seem to have a problem opening the file and saving the data. For example, Tag&Rename had no issue and neither did the editor built into WinAmp. Why use MP3tag, you are probably asking by now??!

I had a problem with my server, Serviio, in that it would not read the information in the "Album Artist" field of many of my rips. I discovered that by creating an Action in MP3tag and moving the info from "Album Artist" to "Albumartist", it solved the problem.

This worked for most of my files, but not for a significant number. I would note that the ones it didn't work on were all rips from vinyl using Audacity.

Interestingly, most of my vinyl rips were OK but a significant number were not.

To solve the problem, I reloaded the file in Audacity and re-saved. Without fail, the "cannot be opened for writing" problem disappeared. Quite a lot of work, but it solved the problem.

I'm still puzzled though. I assume that the file had some issues but no other editor that I used seemed to have a problem with the file. And re-saves using the same program I originally created the file in never once created an unreadable file.

Same Issue over here.

I'm trying to use the file to tag function and I get on all files Cannot be openend for writing.
I'm using WMA files, but I do this very often never got this before.

Will install a previous version older than 2.57, pretty sure that will work.
Not sure how many versions I will need to go back.


argh, stupid me.
Not first time I mistake %Track% with %Title%

When adding a string into "Track" it returns writing error.
Track = tracknumber = number
Title = track title = alphanumeric string

Hope this helps u to.
Otherwise sorry to hijack your thread.

This is often the result of having files that have the "read only" file property set. Open the files in windows explorer, right click and select "properties". Does file (or files) show as read only. If so, select all the files in your music directory, right click, and "un tick" read only.

ver 2.57 is smart enough to check for "read only" files.

I do not know what satisfies you in respect to quality of solution.
But there is a thread from the 11th of September (so just 4 days ago) that deals with this topic.
See Another "file cannot be opened for writing" issue

"Read Only" was not the problem. First thing I tried.

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This solution did not work for me. Had to load and resave. That worked, but I'm still curious as to why.

That has been stated in the other thread: the Windows Explorer blocks the files.

This is not the issue in my case, nor is it file/folder permissions or attributes.

Been lurking threads here with this topic for a while. This is only occurring with one FLAC album for me so it's not critical, but I'm really curious and would like to get a definitive answer as to why.

These files can be edited in every other editor that I have from Tag&Rename to foobar2000 to dB Power AMP, etc.

I'd be happy to create a Dropbox link to one of the tracks in question if anyone is interested.

As I said, I didn't use Window's Explorer. I used the direct method suggested. That was not the issue. Unlike deckhard, it was a problem with a large number of my files.

Deckhard - suggest that you get Audacity, load the file and resave. Worked for me.

I've not used Audacity before. Just now installed it.
When you say "resave", do you mean open each of my FLAC files and choose Export as FLAC?
It's Deckard by the way, not Deckhard... :rolleyes:

Sorry Deckard. Yes - that was exactly what I meant. Open each of your offending FLAC files and choose Export as FLAC to resave.

Audacity if great for what it does.
If you just want a bulk converter try:

You may find it to be faster, as it's whole purpose is converting.

(it's actually the standalone version of the conversion module in Helium Music Manager)