Cannot change Directory

I have been using Mp3Tag for a while, but suddenly I am not able to change directory. I re-installed program as Administrator, but still cannot change directory. Let me know please.

What steps lead you to the assumption that you cannot change the directory?
Do not expect to see files in the directory-selection dialogue. It only shows folders.

When I click the Change Directory icon, it does not take me to browse window where I can select a new folder. It just happened. I did a complete reinstall, but just doesn't work. I am using Windows 7. Thanks.

You could try this:
close mp3tag.
search for the file mp3tag.cfg.
rename it (so that you can restore it).
open mp3tag
and see if you can open the dialogue now.
Sometimes the cfg file gets corrupted ... if this does help, delete the actual mp3tag.cfg file and re-rename the old one.
You should install MP3tag with the same user-id that will run MP3tag later.

There was no Mp3Tag.cfg file on my computer, so I uninstalled the program, and went in and deleted the folder Mp3Tag under Program Files (x86), reinstalled Mp3Tag, still same situation. After reinstall also I do not have Mp3Tag.cfg created. Thanks.

Have a look at the folder %localappdata%\MP3tag

What is the AppData folder?

Installation & Backup


No, still does not work. Strange.

I found the file. Deleted whole folder, reinstalled, still same thing.

THis still seems to be a very local problem.
So: what do other programs do that allow to select folders? Does that work?
Could it be necessary to check your hard drive with chkdsk?