can't add cover art to AAC file

hi all

Lovely program - thank you for your hard work.

I don't normally use AAC files and recently extracted an AAC file from an MKV file.

I've successfully added text based tags (trackname, album, etc).

However, when I try to add cover art, all the right-click album art options are greyed out.

The only active option is "correct aspect ratio".

I picked a random MP3 file and tried to add exactly the same image (copy/paste) and the option is available.

I also tried using the menu "Tag Sources" and option "cover art" but after finding the art on it reported 0 of 0 tags saved. I tested using Tag Sources/cover art to change the artist - this worked fine.

I have no problems at all normally adding album art.

Am I doing something wrong?

Didn't work in v2.79 and v2.80 on win 7 home premium 64bit. Not tested on other versions.



see this thread: /t/8635/1

Thank you very much for the info.