Can't convert mp3 to wav


Hey there, I've been using mp3tag for a while now but can't seem to convert mp3s to wav files like I used to. i get an error message-"file is in use by another application, please close application and try again"
Any ideas?


What are you using for transcoding MP3 to WAV? Please provide step by step instructions on how to reproduce this.


I've been using Cool Edit Pro, and also FreeRip. Now, I don't know what sort of gremlin I had before, BUT, i uninstalled mp3tag, reinstalled mp3tag, and now I can convert like I used to be able to. What the.....!
Thanx for trying to help, but I think it's sorted now.
Having said that, I LOVE mp3tag!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers :slight_smile: