Can't Execute Basic Filter


I am very new and green to MP3TAG filtering. What I am trying to accomplish is an easy way to only work on files where a couple of fields do match the filename. I have tried the following with no success:

%artist% - %title% IS %_filename%

I just want to examine the files that have not been transferred into my typical Artist - Title.mp3 filenaming system. Once filtered, it will be easier to decide if the Artist and Title are correct (per my standard) and then to create the filename from the tags.

Is it even possible to compare field like this?


Paul Gormley

This filter expression should work ...
"$if($eql(%_filename%,%artist%' - '%title%),1,0)" IS 1

See also examples in the manual how to create Mp3tag filter expression.


Hi Detlev,

Long time user, first time poster.

Thank you so much. After I get done working on my own collection, I plan to blog about my process, so that our clients can clean up their dB too. I really appreciate the help and you and your software will get a nice mention in the article. Even though I donated years ago, I will be placing another donation soon and suggesting that in my blog too. Having you there to help is worth a TON. Thanks.

Now, a few more questions.

  1. You mention the manual for expressions. I DID look at the Help here: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Mp3tag/help/index.html is that what you are referring too? If so, I will have to claim ignorance on the dB querying you are referring to. I tried a few combinations, but wouldn't have ever used the "s. I just don't know all the rules. Is there a universal site I should be referring to to learn more about this? I don't want to bug you with those kinds of basic questions that I should learn elsewhere.

  2. I am a DJ. I also own a company that produces touchscreen ALL in one style computers for DJs (see here for reference What I am trying to do is really clean a dB that I have been working on for about 10 years. I have used a combination of hand entry, FreedB, subscription service spreadsheets, subscription service pre-tagged MP3 music files and most recently Tune-up (CDDB) to find the metatag data. Like any other DJ, I have to be very careful with my music tagging and naming because I depend on it heavily to perform my job AND I have grown very accustom to the files primarily through the filename (my form is Artist - Title, pretty standard for DJ software.) Anyway, through my DJ computer business I have worked on a LOT of systems and I just notice that my dB, even though I think it is a mess, is not that unique in its lack of good tagging and consistent naming. Most DJs have a messy catalog and need to clean them up a bit (or a lot). So, I am on a quest to help AT LEAST our clients (a couple hundred) and anyone else that wants to, to fix their libraries. I plan to highlight your software as part of the "system". But, I want to make sure I am doing it correctly, with the least amount of effort on your, my and my clients' parts AND I don't want to re-invent the wheel. Based on this, I have a couple sub-questions.

A. Is there a manual, site, blog, anything that you are aware of that provides a comprehensive step by step approach to cleaning and properly tagging a music collection? Your site is great, but the flexibility AND power of your software, I am afraid, might stymie many of our DJ clients. They need a step by step approach i.e 1. buy an external Hard Drive, copy all music to external hard drive, only work on external hard drive.....etc., etc. I should not re-invent the wheel if it is out there already. Maybe, I would just pass it on instead.

B. I have tried this kind of project before, but never had good results with any software that "looked" at my files and provided tags based on the MP3 file itself. However, recently I have had very good luck with Tune-up this time around and am pleased with the tags it comes back with. I don't agree with everything it says and find that there are still mistakes based on incorrectly identified albums, but for the most part, it works very well. Are you aware of other software that you would recommend that does the same thing with a professionally kept dB like GraceNote or CDDB? I love the FreeDB concept, but it is just too variable to count on.

C. I have utilized a technique involving Excel (which I am ACTUALLY pretty capable with) to sort and rename files in the past. Basically setting a field as the identifier, exporting the data manipulating in Excel and then using File Renamer to name the files via a text file matching function. This is TOO complicated for my clients. I believe I can provide a process for my clients to follow that will provide the desired results and I am now putting all my eggs in the MP3Tag basket for the file manipulation. Am I properly assesing MP3Tag's abilities and its place in the process?

D. Can I develop templates for my clients to load into MP3Tag when they are using it to accomplish the steps I plan to detail? OR would they need to cut and paste functions that I would post, much like I just did from you.

E. Does this sound like a project you would be in support of and would you possibly provide opinions on my "process" when it comes to MP3Tag's part OR even outside of MP3Tag? For instance, I might lay out the basic steps I plan to take in getting from "Dirty dB" to "Well tagged, clean, non-corrupted dB" and you would comment on how you might do it better based on your background.

Thanks in advance for your opinions and potential help, I really appreciate it,

Paul Gormley

Hi Paul Gormley, nice to meet you.
Although I am breaking the barrier of 2.000 forum postings these days, I am not the maker of the Mp3tag tagging application. It seems so, that you are not so much informed about this magic software called Mp3tag founded by Florian Heidenreich.

There are several locations to read about the Mp3tag Filter feature.

  1. Mp3tag Manual.
    Offline: See Mp3tag Main Menu / Help or press context sensitive key [F1].
    The german help file contains a few more Filter examples than the english online version.

  2. Mp3tag Forum.
    Mp3tag Forums > Mp3tag - International > Support
    Important Topics > Pinned: Filter expressions

  3. Mp3tag Forum.
    Questions and answers from Forum users.

Regarding your other questions ... there should come in other Mp3tag users, who have much more experience in these practical areas than me.