Can't listen to audio after adding tag

I am having a strange issue. I have used mp3tag in the past and love it. I just got a new laptop and had to reinstall it. I am running Windows 10. Let me start by saying that this isn't an MP3tag issue. However, I thought you might know why this isn't working.

When I use mp3tag (or another popular but lesser tag editor) to add the tags the file is no longer playable in some applications. I tested the changed file on my Windows 10 computer with Groove and media player. I don't use either but it also won't play on my plex server stream anymore. Oddly enough the changed file still plays with VLC just fine.

I noticed that if I look at properties of the changed file windows doesn't recognize the tags. However opening it in mp3tag does recognize the new tags. Opening the file in another tag editor recognizes the file.

If I remove all tags using mp3tag then the file is once again playable on all the apps. I tried manually deleting the information in the tag (in mp3tag) vs deleting the tags and the file still became playable again

Clearly it is not actually messing with the audio portion of the file because the audio works after removing the tags. This problem also happens when using another tag editor. I am unable to edit the tags directly from windows explorer - I thought I used to be able to do this but I have always used mp3tag so not sure. This is very confusing.

Things I tried:
I have tried this with 4 different files.
I tried opening mp3tag from both explorer menu and from start menu
I uninstalled and reinstalled.
I installed and used the portable version
I installed from the windows 10 store
I only changed the Artist tag
I only changed the Title tag
I used a different (lesser!!!) tag editor
I tried playing the changed file on Alexa from my plex server

This is clearly NOT a mp3tag bug. It looks like a windows 10 issue to me but it also impacts playing the files my linux Plex server (streaming to alexa).

Any ideas on what else I can try?

fyi - I was able to fix this by using only ID3v1 tags.

You could check your files with onoe or more of the utilities linked in this thread: