Can't support ogg file

I can't edit tag of ogg files. Its say: "Cannot be opened for writing".
What can I do?

Check if this thread helps you:

I have this issue, too..

I checked the suggested thread and the further thread suggested in the link, but it seems there's something different in my case. I have a list of files of mp3, ogg, mp4, m4a: only ogg files are locked.. I'm the owner and permissions are fine; also files are not in any other window/program.

My guess is that it could be related to the fact that those ogg files have no tag at all at the moment, like they have no space reserved, could it be? Working files indeed have already some tag, ogg have nothing

EDIT: so I downloaded a different tagger and it worked. xplorer2 and file explorer still can't see tags in the Properties tab, and so does Mp3tag, showing all fields blank; but all music players I have see tags with no issue..

It could still be that the files are corrupted one way or the other what causes the hickup in the end.
So perhaps if you have an audio editor that can save the files again you get editable files.

There are similar reports for wav-files and loading and saving them usually helps.