Capitalizing first letter followed by dot

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I have a problem trying to do a script but I can't figure out!!

the issue is the following


then I apply general script : $caps(%title%) in TITLE to Upper case each word like "I get money" to "I Get Money" but in the case of P.I.M.P result in P.i.m.p then I trying to figure out of how i can do a script to capitalize or upper first each word followed by (.) symbol if it exist then that script can do the "P.i.m.p" to "P.I.M.P"

how I can do that ??

Thanx in advance

Try $caps2(%artist%)

Edit: sorry it should be of course $caps2(%title%) and not %artist% I assumed P.I.M.P. was artist :whistling:


Please hold me in my hand and tell me how to do this.
I have filenames like: "B.a.d." and it should be "B.A.D." etc.

Thank you!

What data have you got in your tags?

In general: if you apply an action of the type "Case conversion" then you can define after which character a word starts.
Still, depending on the file system, you do not see any changes in case if the filename isn't also changed in at least one character position to a different or additional character (or one less).

I have all the Basic Data in tags:
I just dont figure out where and how to put the script " $caps2(%title%)"?

If you simply want to change case of tags and filenames, please see the action "Case Conversion" as described here:

If you really want to use a scripting function like $caps2, you'd need to use either an action "Format value" or use it while renaming the file from the tag with the converter "Tag - Filename".

However, you'd need to use $caps2(%title%,'.') so that the dot is treated as separator character.

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