Car unit doesn't read TAG in right way

I've tried to find any topic about my problem, but didn't find (sorry, I can't speak english very well...).
The question is:
after I edit my mp3 tags whit your software, using them in my car, by an Alpine unit (CDA-9852RB), when I try to show automatically tag informations, the unit displays: YPG, and then: YPN, and then: YPL and so on..., instead of name of artist, album and song title.
There are always three letters: YP first, and then the first letter of text whic doesn't appear.
On PC mp3 tag continue to work in regular way.
Hoping my bad english is enough to explane the problem, I ask: why this happens? What I can do?

Thank You in advance,
Mariano, Bologna.
Please, write using very easy words, I am in great difficult :smiley:

You didn't see this, right above your own post? :frowning:

OK, OK. Now I've seen it. Please, excuse me.
Thank you for your help.