Case Conversation Help

I am running case conversation so that any lower case letters are changed to upper case in each sentence, however I want it to ignore any uppercase letters (i.e DJ, MC, CD etc...).

I know that I can create a string $caps2(%fieldname%) but I want to run it against all fields rather than each field individually. Is there a way I can do this? Many thanks.

AFAIK you have to create an individual action for each field.
%_tag% or %_all% does not work for a Format Value action where you can use $caps().
The 2 pseudo tags only work in the action Case Conversion but the $caps2-variation is not available.
So, understandable lazyness is not supported :frowning:

Yet: how many fields are there that need case conversion?
Actually, there are some action scripts around that supply Grammartron casing - so perhaps you can use that.
Case conversion...

This means that you do not have to create the actions yourself but the conversion still cannot be done with just one action for all fields.