Case conversion action has no effect on directory name

Hello and thank you for reading,
Long time user of the windows version, first time user of the mac one.

I rip my CDs to both flac and mp3, to one folder for each CD in each file format, like so:
_mp3 dir
|_album dir
_flac dir
|_album dir

I always convert everything (tags fields, filenames and album folder) to lowercase.
I have done that for a long time in windows without issue. Now in macOS all fields and filenames are properly converted, except the parent folder name (album dir) on which the action seems to have no effect.

I tried:

  • Action > Case Conversion "_ALL": lower
  • Action > Case conversion "_DIRECTORY": lower
    Without success.

Is this a bug, a feature yet to come, an obscure permission issue or am I doing something wrong ?
(Mp3tag 1.4.2 on macOS 12.3.1)

Thanks !

Seems like a bug to me, I'm looking into it and keep you posted.

Thank you, much appreciated.

I think I've fixed the issue and created an internal beta version that should rename the folders correctly.

I've sent you the link to the beta version via personal message. Please let me know if it fixes the issue for you.

Thank you for testing the internal beta version and confirming the fix. I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.4.3 which includes these changes.

Thanks Florian for the prompt answers and quick fix.

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