Case Conversion


I know that there are TONS of topics covering this, but I haven't had any luck finding just what I'm looking for. Maybe my english isn't good enough, when it comes to the more technical terms, I don't know.

What I want to do, is to make every word start with an uppercase letter, EXCEPT for two- and one-letter words.

He Used To Have A Wallet In His Pocket <- IS CONVERTED TO -> He Used to Have a Wallet in His Pocket.

I was thinking about a process in several steps:

  1. Convert every first letter of every word into uppercase and make the rest of the letters in the words lowercase (if a word fx. is written AfROjACk.

  2. Convert every two- and one-letter words into all lowercase (fx. an, is, of, to - and so on).

Can anyone help me with the needed scripts for these actions?


To get a decent case conversion have a look at this thread
Case conversion...
and search for Grammartron.

I have tried that now, but it doesn't do everything that I want it to, so I guess I have to make my own, step by step, since the commands in Grammartron makes absolutely no sense to me.