CD burning bugs after taming the files

After filling the metadata of my Flac files, it is impossible to burn my files with Nero, they are refused.

In which format do you want to burn the cd? As audio cd or as cd that contains the FLAC files?

Audio CD format, as I have always done,

So it is Nero's task to convert the flac files to the pcm format.
As MP3tag does not touch the audio part where do you see MP3tag's bug?

Have you searched the internet for the FLAC plugin for Nero? Otherwise flac files are not recognized by Nero.


Here is the screenshot that appears when I want to burn an audio CD, note that with other sounds that have not been touched by mp3tag I have no error that appears.

I just created an audio CD with Nero Burning ROM 2014 from a number of flac files without problems.
Naturally, these files have been tagged with MP3tag.
There is a thread in this forum that deals with Window's rather reluctant support of FLAC files which has to do with the length of some tag fields.
Perhaps this is also the case for the Nero program.