CDEX convert MP3 > WMA

Hi I am new to MP3tag wonderful :stuck_out_tongue: program. I am sure it can do most anything, but to figure it out..... :frowning:

1..(sorry this question is off topic) Does anyone know how to ensure that CDEX uses the tag information from an MP3 to include it in the newly created WMA.

2..Also, can anyone advise when using MP3tag, how to get the ID3 tags off these MP3 files and shift them over to the newly created WMA. I see EXPORT function, but when I try to use this on the MP3 tags using txt output, I get a SYNTAX ERROR in the resulting txt file. I guess that if you can successfully export the ID3 to a txt file, then you can Convert/Taglist-File to File(s) or is there a better way to use the existing MP3 tags to tag the WMA thank you.

I have used FreeDB and search for the album to create a tag list for the converted mp3>wma, but perhaps there is a better way.


No idea.

You can simply cut and paste the tag(s). Have a look at the FAQs for more information.