Change a name in MP3

Hello! I got files and i want them only to be converted to a string that is like this %artist% - %title% The problem is when i mark the file name and it is blue i press convert and alt + f2 and type %artist% - %Title% Then it what me to define a conversion pattern ??? It did work with my first track but now the ok button is grey ? What am i doing wrong ? anyone who knows ? /Thanks

You want to rename your filenames according to your existing tags?

Your conversion pattern has to match your existing metadata.
You can only rename your mp3 to %artist% - %title% if both metadata tags %artist% and %title% are filled with data.

It the OK button remains grey, the converter isn't able to find your tag data and therefore isn't able to rename your mp3.

You could show us the tags for your "grey track" (pressing ALT + T).