Change Bartók Béla to Bartok Bela (loose the special chars)

Hello, I'd like to rename folders (with a DIRECTORY action) so that no special chars are being used. I'd like to allow a-Z, 0-9 and -

The nicest would be that Bartók Béla (artist tag) is renamed to Bartok Bela in the foldername. Is this possible?

Thanks, Ralph

Read there: Unicode to ASCII


Thanks very much, just what I need. Now that I have the action installed, how do I combine this with my _DIRECTORY action?

A possible way is described as following ... for example you want to apply the Action Group "UniToAsc.Diacritics" on some tag field ...

  1. Run an Action Group which sets the UNI_TO_ASC working tag field to the value of your involved tag field _DIRECTORY.

  2. Run the Action Group "UniToAsc.Diacritics".

  3. Run an Action Group, which sets your tag field _DIRECTORY to the value of the UNI_TO_ASC working tag field and afterwards removes the UNI_TO_ASC working tag field.

So you will have three Action Groups ...

Begin Action Group UniToAsc.Get._DIRECTORY
Action #1
Actiontype 5: Format tag field
Formatstring: %_DIRECTORY%
End Action Group UniToAsc.Get._DIRECTORY (1 Action)

Begin Action Group UniToAsc.Diacritics
Action #1
Action #54
End Action Group UniToAsc.Diacritics (54 Actions)

Begin Action Group UniToAsc.set._DIRECTORY
Action #1
Actiontype 5: Format tag field
Formatstring: %UNI_TO_ASC%

Action #2
Actiontype 9: Remove fields
Fields to remove (semicolon separated): UNI_TO_ASC
End Action Group UniToAsc.set._DIRECTORY (2 Actions)

For repeated using ...

In the Action Group dialog list view toggle these groups to ON state and save this selection using the "Utils" menu to a group selection file.


Afterwards you are able to toggle your set of Action Groups as you need it by choosing the group selection file from the Utils menu.


Hi, is this still possible in v2.50? I can't see the option Format tag field in 'Select action type' dialog box.

Hmm ... yes ... 'Format tag field' should correctly be named and spelled as 'Format value' when using the english version of Mp3tag.


Sorry - I'm 67 and must be missing something.

I am trying to remove accents ( Reggaetón Lento ) from file names using MP3 tag.

I've tried to do this using the above example and just can't get it to work.

Normally I used the Tag to filename button and this setup: $validate($num(%track%, 2) - %title%,)

That produces this ( 08 - Reggaetón Lento.mp3 )
And I need it to be ( 08 - Reggaeton Lento.mp3 )

Any help Please

NOTE: I have this B4A (Basic for Android) function that does what I want in. Is there someway I can call this code?

Sub RemoveAccents(s As String) As String
Dim normalizer As JavaObject
Dim n As String = normalizer.RunMethod("normalize", Array As Object(s, "NFD"))
Dim sb As StringBuilder
For i = 0 To n.Length - 1
If Regex.IsMatch("\p{InCombiningDiacriticalMarks}", n.CharAt(i)) = False Then
End If

Return sb.ToString
End Sub


see this post by @DetlevD

and download the action scripts there and execute them

Couldn't get them to work.

Easier to write a small program and rename the files without accents as filenames.

Sure seems like there should be an easy way for MP3Tag to make filenames without Accents. Some Windows programs wont work with the files.

Thanks anyway

As you do not tell us what you tried, it is hard to to think of a way out of it.
The easy way is there in the shape of the mentioned actions.
The Windows file system uses UTF8 characters so any program that runs under windows should be able to read these characters. And that is why the $validate() function does not remove them.
Which Windows do you use?

Windows 10. Have an old program that is not Unicode and the mGB->RenderFile(T2W(pszFileName), NULL) does not seem to like Accents or "¿"

But not to worry - replacing this program

Thanks for your time

Search there ...

At first try out this regular expression to see what happens:
$regexp('o, ó, ò and ô','[[=o=]]','o')
... which gives the result ...
'o, o, o and o'

For your testcase you may apply such regular expression ...