Change Filename

Hi every body.

I need some help to change my filenames.

I want to convert my filename from

'09. Carl Roda - We Are.mp3' --> 'Carl Roda - We Are.mp3'

What string have i to use then I want to remove numbers from the filename?

Please help me someone.

Use the function Convert > Filename-Filename
Enter as source: %1. %2
Enter as target: %2
There is a preview. If that shows no result then you have to modify the source pattern.

Also, it would be possible to rewrite the filename if you have filled the fields in the tag.
if that is so, then use the function
Enter as mask: %artist% - %title%

If you have not yet filled the tags then try to retrieve the information from the filename first before you throw away the track number.
Use the function
Convert>Filename - Tag
Enter as mask: %track%. %artist% - %title%
Check the preview if the pattern matches the filename.

For example ... read there ...