Change font of user interface

Why is it I can find no plans to allow us to change the font in the program interface?

In fact, it has been requested since 2007 (and more recently in Jan 2013--unanswered, btw).

Is this a ridiculous request? Anyone?

As far as i can see uses MP3tag the default system font. This is managed by Windows. If you find a way to modify that size (or style) then you have your feature.

I doubt that there is a (Windows) application at all in which you can define the font of dialogues, menus etc.

So, let me get this straight: No one else does it so it's not justified to add it as a feature.

Have you seen how small the list items are when using higher resolutions on today's more advanced monitors? At the very least, changing the font/size of the main list is clearly warranted.

No, I am not saying it is justifed. I assume it is simply not possible (if you rely on the objects of a graphical user interface and do not develop your own standards).
I tried to underline my impression that this is impossible by trying to think of another application that could do it - and none came to mind.
Windows offers to set the resolution to various values so that letters would appear bigger - in my opinion this would have the same effect as changing fonts in an application: you get less but bigger letters.
And coming back to the topic: the consistently ignored question might arise from the bare technicalities so that this feature has to be addressed to Microsoft.

I don't know if you just think of something else but it is surely possible for a program to define different font-sizes.
Jus as an example for a relative-application: MediaMonkey

For Mp3Tag-Users that need bigger letters it is only pssible to achieve this with workarounds:

  • not using the full native resolution of the monitor

  • telling windows to make fonts larger globally

  • using the windows magnifier to just enlarge parts of mp3tag or use mp3tag in a smaller windows-windows and enlarge mp3tag to full screen

howdy y'all,

well, it IS possible to use application specific, application-wide custom fonts and sizes in windows. lookee ...
Application-Wide Font Size

plus, all the mozilla apps can do it since they can use CSS to define font attributes.

of course, adding font controls to mp3tag may require so much tinkering that it aint worth it. [grin]

take care,

Are you looking for like a CTRL+Scroll to zoom in and out on the text type feature?

I would also love to have this feature.

Well for example file handler FreeCommander lets you change how fonts look in different places of FC

And in Windows 7 Notepad also allows you to temper with the font

And third party Notepad2 takes this even further

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Does Notepad show tables?
Do the menu bar entries change font?
These are the elements the get a default system font.
AFAIK notepad offeres one big text box in which you can modify the font size.

Maybe, allow to change font size at least in the Tags Panel, when we open a field's content in a window? This is the most important place, where we edit a lot, in my opinion.

It is also one big text box, like Notepad.

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