Change Front Cover Image

I'have some files with wrong image in Front Cover
I want to remove an replace by the appropiate.
I try with the mp3tag V2.47b interface :
1- delete Image , save tags,and that's OK (no image when the file is played with VLC.
2 - add Image (Front cover), save tags and that's not OK : when the file is played with VLC, the old image appears....

I try with an other method read in the forums

  1. Click Actions
  2. Click "new" and choose a name for the action
  3. In the next window press "new" again, select "import cover from file" and press ok
  4. Type in "cover.jpg" as format string. If you have files that already have old cover art you can also tick the "delete existing cover art" box. Press ok again and the action is configured.
    and it doesn't work: The old image appears....

Please how can I do ?
Thanks for your help,

It's a problem of VLC. It saves all covers in a cache folder:
-> C:\Users{user name}\AppData\Roaming\vlc\art\artistalbum

Delete the old cover from there and you should see the new cover.

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That's a special VLC problem. A quick test gave me the same result. However on my main audio player (Foobar 2000), Windows and Mp3Tag the new image is shown correctly. It seems that VLC has some kind of cache where it stores the cover images once it has played a file. I guess this can only be a temporary cache, could not find anything about it in VLC's settings. Maybe the new picture is displayed when you restart your computer, maybe after a week, ...
Ther should be an option in VLC like reload info from file, but it isn't.

Thanks for you:
I remove the Image in the in C:\Documents and settings{user name}\ApplicationData\vlc\art\artistalbum...
and That works !!!

Glad I found this thread! I was also having trouble with cover art added with Mp3tag not showing up in VLC ... turns out for a different reason, but finding out here about the cache helped me figure out what was happening.

VLC creates its cache by creating folder names with the artist's name. So if you play an MP3 by Robyn, a cache folder called 'Robyn' is created. However, if for some reason VLC doesn't like the artist tag (too long, maybe or special characters?) VLC doesn't make the cache folder, and so it doesn't display the art!

This is a VLC issue, not an Mp3tag issue, but you can fix VLC's behavior with Mp3tag by changing the artist tag to something VLC likes. Shouldn't have to do that, but there you go.

This totally just helped me out now I can see all of my new album art. Awesome trick thanks for the help.

Thanks so much! My mixed album kept showing the old image. AWESOME!