Change %_length% to HH:mm:sec using 64bit MP3tag

I know orienkino helped me in fixing this but apparently, I reverted to the 64bit Mp3Tag version and his resolution doesn't work in the 64bit version. When you download and install a new version of MP3tag, 32 or 64 bit, it does change your export string in MP3tag . I copied his resolution into the CSV string and when expressed in the CSV file, all you get is the expression no result. I wonder if anybody has resolved this problem for Excel? Below is a copy of the string I used to try to get the HH:mm:ss

THere are no differences in executing export scripts in the 32- or 64-bit version. They work both the same way with the same scripts.
But if the displayed string

is an accurate copy of what you used, then I spot a stray % following the closing brackets:

and a superfluous % in front of $ifgreater:

and a user-defined field

The corrected string:

Edit: in the meantime (3.21b ff) there is a function $fmtduration() that would help:
Instead of $ifgreater(%_length_seconds%,3600,%_length%,00:%_length%)

ohrenkino: Thank you so much for pointing out that stray % at the end. I knew that it worked, just couldn't figure out why it didn't this time. It's odd that I saved a copy of the file but for some reason I just couldn't find it. This time I'm put it where it won't get lost. Thanks again/

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