Change Subfolder Name under Artist

Is there a way to shange a sub-folder name within the directory or parent director. To be specific (I'll show example) in a moment, I can change the art FILE but I can't seem to change the actual Folder name. And action or progrm you now can do this this.

Example 1: Before Tag.

Example 2:

I can change the files under the Artwork Folder but not the Folder Name itselfAttachment 6961 not found. Manually as you can see, i can add the name (Pecan Tree Artwork).

Want to do a batch process


I am not sure what you want to achieve.
The general rule is:

if you have the correct amount of files in a folder, you can rename the folder (_DIRECTORY) to move all the files in that folder to a new location.

if you still have to split up the files in one folder to several others, then rename the filename (_FILENAME). This includes only files that are treated by MP3tag. All the others (like picture files or other info) are left behind.

If you want to rename a folder that you get one more hierarchie level, use the \ as part of the new name.
Or try an absolute path like

And just out of curiosity: as this problem looks a lot like yours from 2015: Create Folders Name From Tag

What has happened in the meantime as it worked perfectly back then according to your comment.

the soltion you refer to works great, but it only renames the files under the art fo;der. see attached Example 3 & 4. I simply want to rename the Art folder to the Artist - Album or Album only. Not sure what I'm omitting. But the Example shows how everything is renames except the Art Folder.

Sorry, I cannot see which folders you refer to as I do not see a folder structure.
Could you show the original folder structure, tell us which files are in which folder and what the folder structure should look like in the end.

This is currently showing:

H:\WERC\Michael Jackson\Bad\Artwork

Want to rename the folder as:

H:\WERC\Michael Jackson\Bad\Bad - Artwork

Try an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY
Format string: %_parentdirectory% - Artwork

I assume that the folder has no files with ID3 meta data.
So you would have to select each of the folders or filter for them (although MP3tag only shows folders in which it finds files that it can edit).
So you would have to modify the settings in File>Options>Tags and add the extension of at least one type of picture files in such a folder.

A completely different approach would be:
Embed the picture files in the audio files.
Then export them with a filename specification like
%album% - Artwork\%_cover_type%.jpg
And you get a new folder with the various covers in it.

It Didn't work, but i've had a moment to further research the problem... Simply, MP3Tag (the way i have it configured) doesn't see the Folder as a taggable item.

Example 1 (zoom in) shows the Art folder.

Example 2 shows how i have it config., but what I see as the problem you can't manually add tag ino to Album as you would do for a MP3 field. So although you see the Artwork folder it can't be changed in MP3tag

That the best i can explainAttachment 6970 not found.

Proposal ... add a dummy "test.mp3" file to the picture folder, ...
or rename an existing file "test.jpg" to "test.jpg.mp3", ...
or within the dialog "Mp3tag/Options/Tags/Tags" ...
add the string "*.jpg;" to the list of read filetypes, ...
then Mp3tag should detect the current folder.


Nobody said that you can add tags to a jpg file.
But: with reading the jpg files, you get access to the folder.
You can now modify the folder name with the data that is in the file attributes - which includes the path name.

Simple, but effective. Didn't see it.


Solution is working... effective, now to speed up the process.

Is there a way to send a dummy fiile to all selected folders.

here's my current methos:

  1. Run a search of all folders titled Artwork. (results 243):
  2. i paste a dumy mp3 file in a few folders
  3. open folders into MP3 tag Editor
  4. all is well

Now if I can just send dummy file to all of search results at once...

is that possible/ not sure if this is a function of MP3 Editor


How could it be if MP3tag sees the folder only AFTER you put the dummy file there?

If you have a list of folders, you can write a batch routine that copies one dummy file to all the folders with e.g. this command:

copy c:\myfiles\dummy.mp3 d:\music\abba\gold\artwork

An empty mp3 dummy file can be created using a Mp3tag export script.
The name of the export script is freely selectable, e.g. "Create dummy mp3"

Just enter a line (specify the desired path):
Run the export script and the dummy file will be created.

You can try, if this will work ...

Another proposal:
Do create a Mp3tag export script, which creates one CMD text file, ...
which in turn creates one dummy.mp3 file in each Artwork folder.

Within the CMD file do create a dummy.mp3 file:

See also ...
Cover mit verschieben
Empty folder


When remembering this example ...
Cover mit verschieben
... with a small modification ...
you can apply the following DOS batch command script:


$filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\CreateNullByteDummyFiles.cmd',ANSI)'@ECHO OFF'
'ECHO.# #'
'ECHO.# Create Null Byte Dummy Files #'
'ECHO.# #'
'ECHO.Press [Ctrl+C] to cancel or [Enter] to continue ...'
'SET DF=_dummy.mp3'
'SET LF=%HF%LogFile.CNBDF.txt'
'CD /D "%HF%"'
'IF EXIST "%LF%" DEL "%LF%" >NUL 2>&1'
'ECHO.File : "'%_folderpath%'Artwork\%DF%"'
'ECHO.File : "'%_folderpath%'Artwork\%DF%" >>"%LF%" 2>&1'
'MD "'%_folderpath%'Artwork"'
'CD /D "'%_folderpath%'Artwork"'
'ECHO.Folder: "%CD%"'
'ECHO.Folder: "%CD%" >>"%LF%" 2>&1'
'DEL "%DF%" >>"%LF%" 2>&1'
'COPY NUL: "%DF%"'
'DIR -P/A/N/O:GNE "%DF%"|FIND "%DF%" >>"%LF%" 2>&1'
'ECHO.>>"%LF%" 2>&1'
'CD /D "%HF%"'
'ECHO.Press [Enter] to continue ...'
'START "LogFile" "%LF%"'
'REM ©Detlev Dalitz.20170425.2020.'


This example:

"Format value" for _DIRECTORY
Format string: %_parentdirectory% - Artwork

Works perfectly.

Not sure what i did wrong the first time, but it's working now. I can batc as many as i want and it renames the Sub-folder (Artwork) using the jpg files listed in the folder. if the folder is empty it doesn't rename the folder. excellent.