Change Title from (Chicago - Free) to (Free - Chicago)

I have many titles that formatted as Example: Chicago - Free
Can I swap the title to read Free - Chicago
Thanks for any help

Is this the field TITLE or the filename?
If it is the filename, use the function Convert>filename-filename
If it is the really the TITLE, I would tidy up the data and split the title into title and artist with an action of the type "Guess value".
If it is still the filename and you have not got any data in the tag fields, I would import that data first into the tag fields with Convert>Filename-Tag and then write a new filename with Convert>Tag-Filename.
Also, you could see this thread:

Yes, it's the title. Can you tell me how to do the "Guess value" to split them or point me in the right direction? Thanks

Create an action group or open an Action (Quick) of the type "Guess value"
Source: %title%
Format string: %artist% - %title%
and execute it for the selected files.