Clean Tag to FileName History

Can U tell me how to Clean Tag to FileName History? But not all, only some

lol, this question again:

  1. select the action you want to delete
  2. press Shift + Del
    [repeat this steps for every action you want to delete]
  3. select any other suitable action and click OK; because when you click Cancel, the deletion gets also canceled.

For better overview what item to delete you can expand the item list by Alt + CursorDown

ohhh, thanks.
May be author add feature name for template? e.g.
[Album with tags] %artist%\%year% - %album%\%track% - %artist% - %title%
[Artist with Title] %artist%\%artist% - %title%

Acctually you can do exactly that in the tag - filename converter.
The contents of brackets are displayed only if at least one of the placeholders used inside the brackets has been found. That means if you don't put any %tag% in the brackets, it is never displayed.
That does not work in the filename - tag converter.

Thinking about it I found a trick to for the filename - tag converter.
If you put %name of any converter action% in front of the string and nothing is found, nothing is written to %name of any converter action% and you can use it for the name.

For example, if the trackname is
01 - Artist 1 - Track 1.mp3

you can use
%NAME OF THE CONVERSION%%track% - %artist% - %title%

See also:


thanks i've try it