Clearing/Sorting "Convert Filename to Tag" pull down list

I have a large number of items in my "Convert Filename to Tag" pull down list. How do I delete, or sort them, so I can quickly find the ones I want to use. Many were typos that need to be removed.

Sorting is not possible but you can remove unwanted ones by using the [Shift+Del] keyboard shortcut.

To "Sort" the entries you would have to delete all existing ones, then re-enter all the ones you wish to keep in order. Bear in mind that the first entry used will be at the bottom of the pull-down list, so you will need to enter them all in reverse order. Tip: you can place separators in the list (by temporarily naming a file using the Tag to Filename feature) to help organise also as long as each one is unique eg:

  • Album, Single Artist, Single Disc -
  • Album, Single Artist, Multi Disc -
  • Album, Various Artists, Single Disc -
  • Album, Various Artists, Multi Disc -
  • Song -

Note to developers:
It would be a nice feature to have the drop down list as a text file (.ini) so that users could manipulate the list how they wish.

If you really have a set of frequently used patterns, then it would be advisable to create an action group for that. This could be named in a sensible way so that you recognize the pattern.
AFAI can tell one regularly needs minute modifications in the already existing strings - one reason why there are so many entries in the list.
And I find the incremental search feature quite nice as it offers patterns that may be useful for the actual case.