Clearing the file list and saving the artwork as cover.jpg

Hello everyone,

So I just started using the app with AreDigg's custom script and it's all well. I have two questions that I can't seem to find the answers for:

1, after the tagging operation is complete, how to clear the list? I found the change directory option but there's no option to clear the list. There's also remove option which deletes to files to Recycle Bin. I just want to remove the files from the MP3tag and not from the folder. Or is there any setting to clear the list automatically when the program is closed?

  1. Is there a way to save the artwork as cover.jpg in the same folder where files are located? can't seem to find that option.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Select them all and press DEL.
The tracks itself in your folder will not be removed, just cleared from the list. **
You can check it easily: Press F5 and they reappear in your list.

You have to export them manually (or using an Action for it).

A little bit confusing for new users:
** If you click on the menu Edit -> Delete (no keyboard shortcut available) the selected files would be deleted from your folder too!

Thank for the response LyricsLover. You answered all my questions but now I have couple more.

I'm not comfortable with the keyboard shortcuts so is there an icon on the toolbar or a menu item I could use instead of "DEL"

And secondly, I wasn't aware of the Action functionality until you referred me to the help section. I find it quite useful but I was wondering is there any way selected actions could be applied automatically once the tagging operation is complete without having to manually initiate them from the menu?

Sure, as you can read it in the already linked help:
Menu Edit -> Remove
does the same as pressing DEL
on the previously selected entries in your list.

I'm not sure if I understand your question.
What exactly are the steps you want to do and further automate?

Yes, it does indeed but when I start MP3tag again, it re-reads the same files removed in the last session.

Is there any way to auto remove the files when the program is closed? and when it's started, it starts with an empty list instead of what was loaded into it in the previous session?

I mean to ask is there anyway I could apply the actions without having to click the menu item after the tagging operation is complete?

Currently, I have to go to Action Menu and apply the action manually after the tags are written to the files. I was wondering is there a way to automate this process?

Thanks for the help, highly appreciated :slight_smile:

You can define the directory that will loaded if you start Mp3tag:
Menu File -> Options -> Directories -> Favorite directory:
check/activate "start from this directory"


uncheck/deactivate it, if you want that Mp3tag starts in your last used directory (if it still exists since the last use). Or define a fixed favorite directory like

I assume you think about something like this:
a) you load the tracks of an album into Mp3tag
b) you manually type "Abba" into to the ARTIST field in the tag panel on the left side and save it for all selected tracks
Then you would like that Mp3tag guess that you have finished your manual tagging work and start one ore more Actions automagically?

No, there is no way for Mp3tag to do that.

You have to select which action(s) you want to execute for the selected files.

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