Cloning fields


As usual, much confusion with ALBUMARTIST & ALBUM ARTIST.
Tagged many FLAC albums with MusicBrainz Picard which writes album artist to ALBUMARTIST
But it seems the cough Standard cough for album artist has shifted to ALBUM ARTIST, & ALBUMARTIST is for Band/Orchestra.......

I only recently learned this while wondering why I had so many tagging inconsistencies while using MusicBee. Blank Album Artist fields and so-on.

So, I was hoping....
someone could help me with an action to move all data from ALBUMARTIST field, to ALBUM ARTIST field?
I did have a search, and found some suggestions, but I need a idiot proof solution for obvious reasons :rolleyes:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Why don't you fill both tag-fields ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM ARTIST with the same value?

Use an action "Format value" to write a value into a tag-field.
Read there ...

Read there about the tag-fields and tag-field mapping in Mp3tag ...


Cool, thank you! :slight_smile: