Combine artist and title


I am new on this and I try to do it by myself but I cannot do it.

When I have compilations of a CD I get the IDtag name like this:

Title: (Get Up I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine
Artist: James Brown
Album: Mixes 2010

So I get 100 artist in the same album (in the ipod I will see 100 covers of the same album)

and I want like this:

Title: (Get Up I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine - James Brown
Artist: Varius
Album: Mixes 2010

To change all the artist is easy but the TITLE is imposible for me.

How can I do it automaticly and not manualy (because it is very borring....... copy , paste, tab, shit+tab, ..............)

Also how can add automaticly in the title song thigs like (live),.....

Thanks very much.

To answer your question ...
see forum FAQs
(for creating actions):
and for your particular problem:

modify the settings of the example that you select the field
and add as format string:
%title% - %artist%

... but I wouldn't do it.
It is a much better idea to leave the artist as it is and fill the Albumartist tag instead as this used by iTunes and WMP (and others) to group albums together.
Also: if you join artist and title into the title tag then it is fairly difficult to separate them again... So please think twice.

To add a certain string to a field you use the same type of action e.g.
Format String
%title% (Live)

You have to select the files that should be handled by an action and then execute the action.

:w00t: THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!

I know that it is a little extrange to put the title and artist together, but when you have a compilation of 100 songs in one album, in the ipod you will get a 100 diferent albums for the same name CD.

And it is crazy.

I have try to do it by my self with the F.A.Q. and I couldnt do it by myself. Also to do it as you told me I need to change the language (spanish) in to english.

About what you tell me:

           ... but I wouldn't do it.

The file of the mp3 has: number song - song - artist.mp3

So if I delete all the tags of the songs, I will be able to restore from the file name the tags, it is right?



:music: :w00t:

This is exactly what you avoid when you fill the albumartist. Give it a try.
Set Albumartist to "Various", keep the artist and title as they are, update your library in iTunes

To ease your way of manipulation:
Open the Extras:Options, go to to tag panel
there add the tag albumartist from the list.
Save these settings.

This addes entry field in the tag panel allows you to enter the albumartist for all the selected tracks in one go. Don't forget to save the modification by pressing Ctrl-S (or the button in the toolbar).

If you want to adapt your filenames, use the Converter Tag - Filename.
Enter a mask like this:
$num(%track%,3) _ %artist% _ %title%

The rather complicated construction "$num(%track%,3)" sets all tracknumbers to 3 digits so that the "1" becomes "001" and therefore the files are sorted in a proper way.

It much wiser to keep the relevant information in dedicated tags instead of merging into one field. Esp. the iPod will display the tracks properly if you fill the tags.

Ok I got it so if i put in albumartist various the itunes will put in one folder in the ipod that is great!!!!!

I will try it ASAP.

Now when I was fixing all my library song I get the next problem that you tell me before about that it will be more difficult to fix it if I mix the song and the artist together.

I got:

File name:

Va - Rock The Covers Volume 10 - 07 - The Cult-Born To Be Wild.Mp3

and the title tag: The Cult-Born To Be Wild

and I want: Born To Be Wild - The Cult

Or like you tell me:

  • song: Born To Be Wild
  • artist: The Cult
  • Albumartist: Various


I know to use programs to rename files, but men this program is great but the tags have so many options, and all of us like the tags in a different way, so we have too many variables.

Thanks again for your time and help.


If you have all teh data in the filename already then go ahead and import it into the appropriate tags.
Use the Converter filename - tag.
if your example is right then a mask that looks like the follwowing should put the data into the right tags:

%albumartist% - %album% - %track% - %artist%-%title%

The built-in preview function should show you which data ends up in which tag.
If it does not match then play around the blanks and hyphens.
Or post another example and probably the forum will try to help you.

Hi, Now I start to understand the program, and also the explanation of the FAQ. Thanks for your help and your time..

And by the way your your mask works.

And with this explanation much easier:

The rather complicated construction "$num(%track%,3)" sets all tracknumbers to 3 digits so that the "1" becomes "001" and therefore the files are sorted in a proper way.



For itunes, you should also consider adding a tag field to all these assorted files for compilations. This is a tag: COMPILATION and the value should be "1" (without the quotes). And in at least most ipod players, there is an option somewhere that says something like "group compilations". This will show the compilation albums separately without showing a separate album for each of the artists within the compilation album.

Also, keep in mind that itunes doesn't automatically pick up tag changes. There are various ways to make this happen. But the easiest way may be to simply "remove" the files from your itunes library then add them back. This will force itunes to read the file tags again and update its internal database.

So bottom line: The multiple artists, single album files should have ARTIST = to actual artist, ALBUMARTIST = Various, and COMPILATION = 1.

About itunes is true, the thing that I do is give points to all the tracks, and the changes on tracks appear, and then take out the points.

I dont like to give points.

Also if you remove all the files your Playlist desapears...., and playlist is the only option to optimice space in the ipod and dont get the same files several times.

I have all the information of the itunes in a different hard drive, not the c:, and also I made back-ups of the itunes information, and of course of the music, until I discover this program I get a lot boring time changing the tags.....


There are java-scripts around that force iTunes to re-read the tag information so that you don't have to do it.
This may take some time, depending ont the library size, but has the benefit that all the volatile information is kept.
Have a look at this thread concerning iTunes library update


Other option for nobs like me is to "reset plays".

I dont care about plays so for me it is easier.

But thanks very much my TEACHER :slight_smile:

Hello Ohrenkino,

Now I understand very well your explanations, specially this one:

When I read it I say why put _, instead - , now that I'm using the tag to change titles with artist disc like you tell me too many songs has in the tittle -, so when I am changing I got problems with artist and tittle.....

Men as I told you, you are a CRACK, you have so many expirience with this program since the 2009.


Thanks a bunch for the merits. But in fact it is Florian who has thought of all the functions before. I just use them.
I'm glad if you become more and more convinced of this program. So, perhaps you let Florian participate in your joy, moneywise. :wink:

Hello again, with more questions.

An easy question for you, I am sure of it. I am trying to put my files in order as you tell me, with the " _ " doing this way:


But the problems begings when I have tag where the disc is like 1/3, So the file name will be like this:

1301_Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Live).mp3

and it should be like this:

101_Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Live).mp3

By your expirience what do you recomend do something like this:

101_Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Live).mp3
1_01_Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Live).mp3

How can I do this? In advance, thanks for your help "teacher"


I only want to mention that your newly request does not fit to the topic of this thread.

You can use the function $num() to extract the first digits from a string, for example ...
$num('1/3',1) will give '1'.


Thanks for your help.

I put it here because I was sure that it was a stupit question that even dont need a new topic, because it was so easy for a "PRO" like you.


Well I though that it was easy.

But I dont understand the "sintaxis" of : $num('1/3',1)

I Understand : $num

('1 - >>>> this will be the number that will apear

but this: /3',1)

When I see it, I thought that '1/3' will be change it by 1

So if i put '5/8',69 will change disc 5/8 for 69_track_title.



I think dano wanted to show you that if you apply a $num(,1) to the number 2/3 (which means generate only one digit) it will "cut off" the "/3" and leave the 2.
So, in your case if you never have more than 9 discs i a set, it is safe to apply dano's suggestion but insert the variable for disc instead of the 2/3
Append the string from the original "disc post"
like this:
(I do not think that there is a tag called %disc% unless it is user-defined)

No, please, no new post, you should read the Mp3tag help manual and try out the several abilities of the $num function for yourself.

If you will try it out for yourself ...

  1. Select any dummy test file with a TRACK field content displayed like 'track/totaltracks'.
  2. Open the converter "Tag - Filename".
  3. Type into the edit field this Formatstring:
  1. See the preview of the result:
    Do not be confused by the added string '.mp3'.
    We have misused the converter just for our experiment to get a preview from Mp3tag.
  2. Next trial. Type into the edit field this Formatstring:
  1. See the preview of the result.
  2. Cancel the converter dialog.

The conclusion is ...
... if you code a Formatstring like $num(%TRACK%,69), then for example with TRACK containing the value '5/8' the expected result will be a rather long literal like this ...


You can count the length of the string for yourself.