Command-line parameters?

I'll chime in too... I've found nothing with the power of this program. I need something to modify the tags of the plethora of podcasts that I listen to so that itunes will properly order and allow me to control the playback speed.

I'd love to be able to do this with doppler and a command line interface to mp3tag. :w00t:


I'll gladly pledge 25e to the development of this feature.

mp3tag is a terrific app, and command-line support would greatly extend its potential by enabling integration with other tools/players.

All my tagging needs would be addressed if only I were able to execute various mp3tag conversions on files I have selected in foobar2000.

Florian has now documented two (being I guess all) command-line switches at , making them official.

Necro-bump I realize but I've so often desired this feature. The ability to launch Mp3Tag with a target file/directory and apply an action via a command line option from anywhere would be a boon for productivity.

Being able to add a context menu item from foobar2000 directly, or via Explorer into Mp3Tag and apply an action would be a fantastic addition.

We currently have four pledges of 25e, = 100e. Please add! :slight_smile:

I vote for this feature
I can pay for this feature.

It would help if you pledge 25e by saying so here, as others have done.

I pledge 15 euros

I pledge $15 :slight_smile:

The current link is at

I just donated! :slight_smile:

Just dropping in to say that I would also love to see some command line options implemented someday, or at least just one - running an Action on the specified folder or file.

My media player is very finicky about tags, to the point where one bad tag completely corrupts its database and all albums and tracks are given the same name. MP3TAG has eased much of the headache of making sure this doesn't happen.

I have been refining my custom Action to make this automated for a while now, and its unfortunate that there's no way to trigger it from Explorer.

Great thanks to the dev and keep up the good work.

I would also like to see command line features and/or a CLI version.
Soo many people want this. Let's make it a reality! :slight_smile:

I didn't make a donation so far as i am using the tool for about a week now. But count me in with €40 if numbering and running actions could be done via command line.

This sounds like a fantastic feature.

Add me to the list of users who want to see this!
Thanks for all the work you guys do on Mp3Tag!