"Comment" Tag visible in mp3Tag but not in Windows Explorer

Using mp3Tag v. 2.54, I have noticed that whatever I add in the "Comment" field is not visible in Windows Explorer (Win7) -- it can only be seen within the mp3Tag application.

When the Comment is added/saved directly in Windows > File | Properties | Details, the Comment is visible in both Windows Explorer and mp3tag. If I then save the file in mp3tag, the Comment is again invisible in Windows.

Interesting to note is that the two mp3 files used for testing are exact copies - I only changed the name and the tags to avoid any mix-ups; one is called NOCOMMENT, whose tags were saved with mp3tag and for which the Comment is not shown in Windows, and the other is called COMMENT, whose File Properties were saved in Windows and for which the Comment is shown in Windows.

If you need the mp.3 file, pls let me know and I can provide it. The issue happens to all my mp3 files and so far on all machines.

I have searched some of the other threads and have attached one of the exports that might be helpful.

Thanks for your help,

(p.s. you may also answer in German :slight_smile:

COMMENT.txt (1.46 KB)

NOCOMMENT.txt (1.48 KB)

Thread in German about the issue: