"Comments" field goes but does not come back!

I noticed a peculiar thing ...

I configured Windows Explorer (Win7) to show the "comments" field so that I can see the comments contained in the "comments" field of my mp3 files. But that information does not appear in the explorer.

However, when I go to the "property \ details" of the explorer and edit this field, the information begins to appear, even appear when I view it in Mp3Tag.

The same does not happen if I edit in Mp3tag, which is very disappointing.

I thought it was a matter of the mp3tag version, but I have the latest one and the problem continues (mp3tagv299a)

The development team knows this, after all, looking at the situation, it seems to me that this is the same field, mp3Tag can read what Windows writes, and not the other way around.

See Tools>Options>Tags>Enhanced
and see the help: