Comment's field Multiline


I would like to propose an option of making a multiline for the tag field COMMENT

I use comments rarely. But most of the time that I do, I will put long sentences or make many separate lines [a list of something]. For me it's a pity that COMMENT field cannot be made into a multiline. [There is no workaround to this in the form of making a second field displaying the COMMENT tag, because you won't be able to create it]

And also I just can't understand, why can't I choose how a default values in Tag Panel should be displayed when at the time I can choose the appearance of additional fields. Or why can't I turn off default fields [don't really need that] or rearrange them [I would much like to mix them with my additional fields]. Or why can't I make a non default field like DISCNUMER to look as short as default YEAR / TRACK / GENRE. Or why can't I choose how many lines should a Multiline have

[The concern for a beginner users, who could mess things up to the point of making the Mp3tag "unusable", could be dealt with a simple "reset tags-menu-list to default" button]

Maybe this picture can help ...

See also ....
multiline comment field in the tag panel


Of course it helps; but:

If you use Winamp and have a FLAC file, then you have access to those fields with the possibility of editing them in Winamp

But MP3 files do not grand you access via Winamp to the edition of "less" popular tag fields [not mentioning the made up ones]. You can display them [by incorporating them to the code of shown tag fields], but to touch them you have to load them to Mp3tag [because creators of Winamp didn't thought that it would be good to make the user decide what fields to display, even in the ID3v2 panel]. And I can only guess that other players and file formats have similar issues

And also if you were to use a new COMMENT-ENCORE tag, the you are wasting space [by not using original COMMENT tag, which can't be turned off]; and aside that you are creating a made up field [that could be possibly not read by the car-audio equipment or some home stereo system]

So what you are basically saying is: that is a problem that comes up again and again for different users

Seriously: what that hack does should be incorporated at last as an option [if not as default]. And all of my suggestions are still relevant and when implemented would make the Mp3tag a much better editor

Did you try the proposal from there ... ?
multiline comment field in the tag panel


I did not

But I did now, and either you have proposed me now something not dealing with the problem or I don't know what it can be used for

I created that mapping. So now I can write in the made up field MY_COMMENT some text. And after saving it, this happens:

  • text will show up in the COMMENT field
  • text will disappear from MY_COMMENT field
  • I can't edit text in COMMENT field
    Am I missing something here or is that it?

If it is all there is to it, then I don't see any sense in this workaround. The only advantage is that I can see 5 lines of text in MY_COMMENT, while writing them [instead of one in COMMENT]. But the same can be achieved without mapping; the only difference being that I won't access that written text in Winamp [because it will show me only COMMENT]

Also: can I define how many lines does a multiline have via this hack? Or does the digit value in >>multiline=<< can only be

0<< [NO]
1<< [YES]
I tried to put higher number than 5, but it didn't make a difference

There is no problem to edit the COMMENT tag-field in all dialogs within Mp3tag.

Because the new edit field MY_COMMENT is a scrollable multi-line edit field, someone can view much more than 5 lines.
I do not believe, that someone, in a practical way, is able to put a multi line text into the standard "comment" edit field while in the dialog "Tag Panel".

Yes, it is possible, ...

  • by using the edit dialog for the tag-field COMMENT within the dialog "Extended Tags", ...
  • or when applying the "usrfields.ini" hack ...
    Multi-line comment box
    ... which adds an additional multi-line edit field to the Tag-Panel.

'multiline=1' or 'multiline=0' is a ... 'yes/no'... 'on/off' ... switch.



But you have to... scroll it

If I could define the height [I know it now, it's not possible] of a multiline and use up the free space that I have in my panel tag, then over the years to come I would have much less to scrolling to do. 5 lines will work in most cases, but I wish I could extend the field.

And yes, I know that there is not such a thing as free space in tag panel, because it also can be scrolled down. But all that scrolling that prevents the user from just looking at the data and saving time and energy from not clicking [that's why I limit tag fields to the amount that are visible without scrolling]

Yes, you are right

Thank you for pointing that out; I didn't get the sense of it [while combined with the hach] when I red about it in those old linked posts

All of this info I can now digest and come up with some optimal way of COMMENTing my files