Compilations and modified titles to include artist in brackets

Hello there, could someone please tell me the regex to get this working? I know this isn't quite right.

Format value
Field: Title
Format string: $replace(%TITLE% (%ARTIST),'[','(',']',')')


This is roughly handled in the Howtos:

In your case, I guess,
Action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: %title% (%artist%)
Or give an example of what the string looks like before and what it should look like after the treatment.

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Thanks for your reply. It should also be converting square brackets to round.

Where would the square brackets appear?
I take it that you have a title field where you want to add the contents of ARTIST in round brackets.
I doubt that either TITLE or ARTIST is already enclosed in square brackets.
So if you add brackets with

then you have the full control which brackets should be added and no further replacement is necessary.

Thanks, there are times when square brackets are present and they need to be replaced with round brackets and it's not always in relation to the artist.

Then i would consider to think about a different separator between the artist and the title, e.g. the underscore. Otherwise it will become rather tricky to "know" which brackets enclose the artist and which don't.