Confirmation to keep existing covers at Tag Sources

Hi Steve,

I always use this one: Beatport by &stevehero v4.4#SINGLE TRACK Search by (Albu&M)Artist + Title.

At the end I always got asked if I want to replace the cover. My answer is always yes. How can I skip the question and automatically replace the cover by the beatport cover without questions or additional user actions?

There's a menu for this when you right click on the cover art at the info UI.

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Thanks for the reply!

I understand the menu, but I'm trying to avoid the menu and automate as much as possible. So I wanted to ask you if it is possible to skip the last question asking if I want ot replace the cover with the cover from Beatport and my answer is always yes .. Is there a way to change the script and always replace the cover?

To be more precize, the answer to the question in the picture is always NO, I don't want to save the current covers, but always replace them with the one from Beatport ...

That's the main ui. I was referring to the ui during the tagging operation.

I think what @stevehero was referring to is the option to disable writing cover art at all.

If you want to set a default answer for the question "Do you want to keep the existing covers?", it's currently not possible to say yes or no by default. Your idea is noted.

I've moved the posts to a separate topic to keep the discussion more focused.

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I see, I've been using the checkbox for not adding any art and actually thought the other behaviour over wrote without the need to ask that Q.

@Florian Would it be possible to have a checkbox at that dialog to use the answer as default and a setting in preferences? (obviously).

Is this option available? It would be a great addition if this is not yet implemented!

I've added a way to disable the message with Mp3tag v3.12c (and to re-enable via Options → Messages).

THANKS for the cover art solution!:pray::+1:

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