Conflicting ALBUMARTIST and no ALBUM

Many of the files I have show more than one ALBUMARTIST. The log file tells me they are conflicting. Why is that? Can I easily change them from ALBUMARTIST to ARTIST (and not one by one)?

Is there an easy way to change many artists in a single ARTIST tag into seperate ARTIST tags?

A third problem is that the log file shows a no ALBUM tag error while there most certainly IS an ALBUM!??

Are you using MP3tag? Where do you see a log file that complains about tags?

Anyway: you can merge several fields of the same type with an action of the type "Merge duplicate fields". Select a separator for the merger that is not \\.

To split up artists into several fields, separate the entries with \\.

Use the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) to investigate the presence of fields.

I am using Minimserver and perhaps I should have posted in that forum.