Context Menu on Windows 11

It worked great!

Thanks, and thanks for creating the best tag software out there.

The context menu shows up in both the new Windows 11 context menu and the old menu in Total Commander for me after manual DLL registration.

The context menu shortcut disappeared for me today. I'm running MP3Tag 3.11. It disappeared from both context menus, Win 11 and the original context menu. I tried reinstalling and rebooting without success. Then I tried reinstalling with the "Run as administrator" option and rebooting, but still no shortcut in either context menu. Finally, I used your "command prompt with administrative rights" tip above and rebooted. Now I now have a shortcut in the older context menu, but still no shortcut in the new Win 11 context menu. Any ideas?

Yes, maybe :slight_smile: Some questions:

  1. Did you install Mp3tag on your System Volume or on a different drive?
  2. Did you chose "Yes" to allow Mp3tag to make changes to your system (i.e., admin elevation) when asked so during installation.
  3. Did you install from a Standard or Administrative account?
  4. What's the output of the WIndows PowerShell command get-appxpackage -name *mp3tag*

Thanks for the reply, Florian.

  1. It's installed on my system volume at C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag
  2. Yes.
  3. My Administrative account is the only account on my Windows 11 Pro 21H2 x64 machine (Build 22000.282).
  4. Here it is:
Name              : 35795FlorianHeidenreich.Mp3tag.ShellExtension
Publisher         : CN=Florian Heidenreich, O=Florian Heidenreich, S=Sachsen, C=DE
Architecture      : X64
ResourceId        :
Version           :
PackageFullName   : 35795FlorianHeidenreich.Mp3tag.ShellExtension_3.11.0.0_x64__hyhc94k68ebpm
InstallLocation   : C:\Program
IsFramework       : False
PackageFamilyName : 35795FlorianHeidenreich.Mp3tag.ShellExtension_hyhc94k68ebpm
PublisherId       : hyhc94k68ebpm
IsResourcePackage : False
IsBundle          : False
IsDevelopmentMode : False
NonRemovable      : False
IsPartiallyStaged : False
SignatureKind     : Developer
Status            : Ok


I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I'm also experiencing the issue where I have Light color mode selected in settings, but the MP3Tag interface randomly switches to Dark mode.

OK, thanks for the details. Everything looks good and I'm running out of ideas. The last thing would be if you're using an alternative file manager and not Windows Explorer — but from what you've written above, this is also not the case.

Thanks anyway, Florian!

One last question: is it not showing everywhere including folders and folder background or only when selecting individual files?

Hi Florian. It's not showing anywhere. I just double-checked in Windows Explorer on folder, on file, or in the background. It's really strange because it was working when I first installed it, but then at some point recently, it randomly stopped. Not sure if it's related, but the "Open in Windows Terminal" shortcut is gone too now. The only thing I haven't tried is completely uninstalling MP3Tag and then reinstalling it.

I just tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling. After reboot, the MP3Tag shortcut was missing from both context menus again. I had to use your "command prompt with administrative rights" tip to return the link on the old context menu, but it's still missing from the new Windows 11 context menu. It's disappointing that it's not working on my machine, but at least I can still get to it that way. Darn you Windows 11!

It's probably related but outside of my control.

Well, I booted my PC this morning and now the MP3Tag shortcut is back in my Windows 11 context menu, plus it appears twice in the old context menu! It must be something on my end, but at least it's back. Thanks again for your help, Florian! I'm hoping that at some point, someone releases a program that lets you add and remove entries to the Windows 11 context menu.

Glad it's working now! The double-entry on the old context menu is from your manual registering of the shell extension via the "command prompt with administrative rights".

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