Control "remove fields actions"

Is there a way to remove fields actions so things are NOT REMOVED from the metadata of the file, unless the fields filled in?
All I want to do often times, is add a picture to the files and leave everything else alone.
That is I load a album in the program and high-light all of the tracks so I can add the album art to all of the tracks. but I find, when I do that, the title has in it, and it KEEPS the title. The other fields like artist, are blank and all my artist information is removed from the tracks.
I would like the ALL of the fields not be wiped out or change unless those fields are edited.
Is there a problem with that? Thank you

The default setting is to keep the data unless you edit a field explicitly.
But check also the field definiton e.g. in the tag panel where you can define a default value.
It may be that you have set this default value to something else than .

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