Convert All Tag Fields Between Formats (ISO & UTF)

Something that would be really nice would be the option to convert the tag types easily. From the file list in MP3tag when you highlight and right click multiple files, it would be nice to be able to convert the file type, for all fields between ISO & UTF.

In this case I'm looking for: Convert/UTF to ISO
The entire tag, all fields without having to change any text. MP3tag needs to be able to convert the tags even though no changes have been made to any fields. (It seems now, MP3tag will only change the tags if something has been changed in a field, it should rewrite them regardless of any change or not.)

This is because many mp3's have to be converted to ISO in order to display correct on different electronics. Most problems occur with UTF.

So I really would like an easy option to convert ALL fields in the tag to ISO.

Renaming files sometimes works, but I noticed it leaves part of the tags incorrect and they look like this when displayed: P_e_t__S_h_o_p__B_o_y_s

So annoying.

So I'm begging you.. Pleeeeeeease add this feature, I think it would help many people out who have similar issues.

Thanks alot!
MP3tag is the best naming software!

It's possible: /t/2785/1

Still, there should be an easier more reliable way, like I described.

Any news here? This would still be a great feature. Some tags are not readable on certain machines and it would be nice to convert all mp3's into ISO etc.

Maybe I'm missing something here...

All you have to do is designate ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 under Options > Tags > Mpeg > Write and then resave the files. How much easier can it get?