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I wish to convert file names in the form artist - title using the format string %artist% - %titles%. This has worked for years without trouble but is now failing with the latest release. I would like to try a workaround by reverting to the previous release which would also nail the bug for diagnosis. Any suggestions?

I doubt that you see a bug.
I much more assume that the pattern in the filename has changed.
Or that the hyphen is no hpyhen but something else.
See e.g. here:

A screenshot helps in many cases to analyse the problem.

Thanks for your rapid response which is much appreciated. (In a previous life, I performed the same service as you.) When I check the identity of the separator, i find that it is: U+002D : HYPHEN-MINUS {hyphen, dash; minus sign}

When the problem first occurred, I thought it had to be a problem with the separator, just as you have done. I did my best to ensure that the symbol in the file name and that in the format string were identical by using copy and paste but the problem is still present.

I have a screenshot which records my problem but I cannot see how to communicate it. Can you please advise.

See here:

You have to use %title%, not %titles%

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Titles was a typo in my message to log the problem. The actual format string used is as you suggest. Sorry to be wasting your time with typo. Can anyone explain to me how to add the relevant screengram to my report?

It's all described in the already linked post:

Copy & Paste the picture or Drag & Drop the picture to your answer.

Audacity evidence.pdf (168.1 KB)

I stored the screengrab in a PDF file which I hope I have attached successfully to this message. Thanks for your patience.

There is no need to convert the picture into a PDF. You can c&p or d&d the picture directly to your answer. (But the PDF works too...)

If you copy your filename Al Jones... .mp3 from Windows File Explorer, then open the above URL
and then paste the filename into the Input Box and press Identify, what does the result box shows you?

Please show us a screenshot from the "whatisit" result webpage.

THis is what I get:

So, are perhaps the spaces not really spaces?
What happens if you copy and paste the whole separator-part (space, hypen, space) from the filename and paste it to the converter?

That has solved it. Thanks. I have a bit more digging to do to understand exactly what has happened and why but I now have the tools and the clues. Thanks to everyone. Live long and prosper.

And? Which tricky character has it been?

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