Convert Filename > Filename (Blank Spaces)

Mp3tag Forums,

Let me introduce myself, I am new around here online the forums however have been using Mp3tag for many years now and understand my way around it well.

It has only been lately that I have started using the "Convert" tag options available in Mp3tag and have had great success so far, but have recently come across a hiccup that I am unable to work out, and have searched the forums with no answer - however I'm sure someone will easily be able to help answer my question.

I have track names (%title):
Example: "Redshot / Hot Before Me / Together Clap"

And have had success in using the convert option "Tag > Filename" to transfer the tags across to the filenames.

However, because Windows Operating Systems don't allow for such characters as "/" in their filename, the filenames look more like this...
Example: "Redshot Hot Before Me Together Clap" (I am unable to show due to the forum posting) but between each song is a triple blank space.

e.g. each "/" is replaced with a space instead)

As you can see they simply are replaced with blank spaces...

So far, that is all fine and well, but when I go to the convert option "Filename > Filename" and attempt to remove those extra blank spaces so that it looks more like this...
Example: "Redshot Hot Before Me Together Clap"

I have trouble and I am unable to find a way to do the above!

If anyone has any support, it would greatly be appreciated.


If you want to compose a filename that might contain certain illegal characters but want these to appear in a certain fashion, then let the whole string be treated by the function
e.g. if you want to have illegal characters replaced by _
then use the converter (e.g. tag-filename)
and enter as mask
$validate(%artist% %album% %title%,_)
this should replace any illegal characher with an underscore.
for the $validate function

I simply want those illegal characters in the filename "/" to be replaced with a blank space, and then want to remove all double & triple blank spacing from the filename to just a single blank space.

"Redshot / Hot Before Me / Together Clap"

to look like...

"Redshot Hot Before Me Together Clap"

See Above: Without the illegal characters "/" and extra blank spacing removed.

If you could show me the code/s in step-by-step that will create this, that would be appreciated.

PS - I don't think the validate command is what I want, as that will change all the illegal characters to underscores, which isn't what I'm after.

$replace(%TITLE%,' / ',' ') From: "Redshot / Hot Before Me / Together Clap" To: "Redshot Hot Before Me Together Clap"


OK, then you can try the Converter Tag-Tag for _FILENAME
Enter as mask:
$replace(%_filename%,' ',' ')
(the first 2 ' enclose 2 blanks, the second 2 just one)

Right, I think that's the answer I may have been looking for. It is that a "," is the replacement key for a blank space. I think that fixed it, however I will reply back and confirm this. I simply wasn't sure what character was the replacement character for a blank space.

Great! That's got the first part of my answer working!

Now to the second part which involved looking up those illegal characters "/" in the filter search box down the bottom which is all well, except, I only want to search for the illegal characters in the TRACK field not in every search term.

Example: If "/" character appears in the TRACK, ALBUM, ARTIST etc., I only want it to display search results in the TRACK field, how do I do that?

Edit: I have already read Filter expressions with no help so far.

Edit 2: I believe I solved my own question. The answer was %title% HAS "/"

Perhaps you should also search ARTIST if you have AC/DC or De/Vision in your collection.
Also, some albums have this character e.g. double EPs like Soul Scanner / All Gone by Forbidden Society.