convert filename - tag error

I want to create tag from filename.

after right-click, convert filename-tag

I get an error :

file could not be opened for writing.

the file is not read-only

any idea ?


Your formatstring does not match the filename.

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~ Florian

Can't be a better answer !!!!


Confirmed here too.
I get exactly the same with WAV files, even ripped from CD with EAC which is usually fine.
Thesame folder tags okay if I turn the WAV into FLAC first though.

It cannot be a string, as this always used to work just fine

This is all from right-clicking the folder with the WAV files, and opening the complete album in MP3tag.
I select all files, and edit the tags - error. The file could not be opened.
Convert to FLAC leaving everythiung else exactly the same = no problem.

version 2.91 november 30th 2018

see e.g. here:

(which links to further threads)

That's not the package that was used.
I used EAC and the referred thread says nothing about this.
The WAV files written by EAC are not truncated - they are verified by accurate rip and are exact copies of what is on the CD - IE RedBook Audio, 16-bit 44.1kHz.

We should be able to tag these - but it is not even just tagging!
I cannot even rename the file in MP3tag - I get the same error (cannot be opened for writing)

This looks to me like some other program accessing the file at the same time and blocks access for MP3tag.
You would have to check which program that might be.
I know that WMP is rather nosy and likes to block files but the same may apply to other players or rippers or indexers.