Convert filename > tag, what am i doing wrong?

Hi, lately I've been having a problem when converting filenames to tags. In the past, i'm sure it used to take everything before the hyphen and treat that as %artist%, then everything after would be %title%.

It seems every time I try to convert now, it just takes the first word as the artist, then everything else as the title

e.g. if the filename is The Beatles - Yesterday, it would convert to
Artist: The
Title: Beatles - Yesterday

The expression it's using is %artist% %title%


Hi and welcome!

The format string you're using is missing the hyphen to be able to separate artist and title from each other. As it's now, Mp3tag looks for the first blank (the separator used in the format string between %artist% and %title%), takes anything before as artist and the rest as title.

So a version that matches your intention would be %artist% - %title%

More on that here:

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Thanks for the quick reply! Your solution worked:


Great software by the way, i've been using it for years but only just came across this issue (and i did look around but didn't think to look in the FAQ :man_facepalming:)

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