Converting APE to ID3?

Hello all,

Thanks a lot for this really good software !!!!

But can anyone tell me how to convert tag APE to ID3 ?

Thanks !


Enable reading of APEv2 and writing of ID3v2 at Options > Tags > Mpeg and reload the directory. After pressing the save button :mt_save: the APEv2 tags will be copied to the ID3v2 tags.


Thanks a lot Florian,

But in fact I mean how to delete APE tag in a music file, to have only ID3 tag on it.

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Select APE for removal in the options and then press the :mt_delete: button.

Thanks a lot :w00t:

This didn't work for me.

I've a music file with ID3v1 and APE tags, with different fields which don't overlap. The APE tags have the infamous gain-tags and the ID3v1 has the artist/title/track/album tags.

I can't merge those together to ID3v2, only separate.

If you have such inconsistent files you may have to try ... either to export the data to save it and you enable only one version of tags at a time ... or perform a sequential read of a low priority tag (start with V1) and save of the data as the highest priority tag (APE).
You have to juggle a little with the settings in Tools>Options>Mpeg.

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