converting file names to tags not working on some files

I have been using this product for a few years and love it.
I have encountered a problem that has me stumped. I received a large bunch of mp3 files from a friend with a mishmash of file name formats. They contain the artist name, title, year and other miscellaneous information. I was using the program to extract the information I want in my file names as Artist - Title (year).mp3 I do this by first grouping the files with similar formats into separate directories. I then extract the data I want into tags and then convert the tags into my file name format.
For some reason, I can't figure out, some of the files won't extract anything into the tag fields. However, If I manually add some information to the file name like (text) then the conversion does work. I would like to avoid having to do this.

Any suggestions

If the given pattern does not match the found pattern in the filename, you have lost.
You know, that there is the preview in the Convert>Filename-Tag dialogue. THis should give you some hints why things work or don't.

Further help is only possible with concrete and exact examples of filenames and patterns.

You were right There was a space at the end of the file name I did not notice. Once accounted for the convert worked as required.
I have to stop doing this stuff late in the evenings :w00t:

Thanks for your help