Converting tags - APEv2 to ID3v2.3 - Missing artwork

Hi all,

A bit of a newbie to the app here, so appreciate any help on this. I'm trying to standardize all my mp3s and just realised about 30% of my mp3s have APEv2 tags. I've gone to /tools/options/tags/Mpeg/ and checked under "READ" all the tags, "WRITE" just ID3v2 UTF16, and "REMOVE" ID3v1 and APE, and saved.

Going back to the main menu, I note that the MP3s with APE tags don't show up as having anything in MP3tag (but they show up in iTunes). "Saving" the tag (i.e. rewriting the tag based on the options) generally converts the tags fine - but the artwork always disappears...

Can anyone help me figure out how to avoid it? I'd hate to have to re-add the artwork for about 1,000+ albums!

Thanks in advance.

Do you see the artwork in MP3Tag?

You can try this:
Mark 1 or more files in the list-view-frame.
Press CTRL-X for erasing the tags and copy them to the clipboard.
Press CTRL-V for inserting the tags to the still marked files.

Always try such things with test-files (copies) and not with the only originals.

If you do not read the APE tags, then all the information from these tags will be lost on save.
So, the better way would be to ...
...see which tags contain which information - it could be that the covers are only in the APE tags, but the rest is stored in the ID3 tags which get overwritten by APE tags in MP3tag.
You can do this by by sequentially switching off the read-settings for the respective tag version.

... save the covers to the file system with a good name like %album%.jpg Such a name can easily be used to re-embed a specific file in the music files.

... set the read and write-settings to that you see the maximum amount of tag data (like read APE only) and write the tag version you want (like only ID3V1 and ID3V2).
Load the files, cut the tags and paste the tags.

Finally, re-embed the covers with an action and the
format string: %album%.jpg

But he has set the read-flag to APE.

I made some tests and noticed that I can't add covers to files with APEv2(ID3v1 ID3v2.3,APEv2). (Bug ?)
But there is good chance that it works my way (second post).

There is a proposal in german language how to copy meta data values from APE-Tag to ID3v2-Tag ...
Vorschlag zum manuellen Kopieren von APE-Tag nach ID3v2-Tag ...
Cover entfernen

See also ...
Issue album art image and ID3v2.4 UTF-8


Thanks for all the quick replies! Will experiment with the suggestions thus far and report back shortly.

I can't see the artwork in MP3TAG post scanning the directory.

However, CTRL X to cut the tags out actually removes all the APE tags and magically the ID3 tags appear, as does the artwork... Not sure why the APE tags should supersede the ID3s? Note that I did not reinsert as per your suggestion - but everything works now (albeit in a strange unintuitive way - but hey, I'm not really complaining)...


I looked again at your options-setting with "Remove". Because you don't remove ID3v2-tags it is clear that this works.
But for the case that there are APE-tags which should be saved as ID3v2-tags this will not work with only removing ID3v1 and APE. In this case you have to insert all read tags from the clipboard (CTRL-V) again as I wrote.

In MP3Tag APE-tags always get priority before the other tags.